Nava Vision Computers and coding segments teach kids computer knowledge along with window operating system, paint, word etc. and coding like HTML & HTML5, Java, and Python etc. to create a loving coding learning experience. Nava Vision does tailor-made program according to their skills, potential and interest.

Computers have become a big part of most people’s daily lives. This course for training in Various courses that could not be classified in other categories. It contains introductions to computers, internet and other areas.

Grade : Grade 1 and Grade 2

USPs of Computers and coding
  • Learning Computer basics will help them live in the feture world are creating.
  • These computational skills build a great foundation when introduced at a young age and take them far.
  • Computer classes for kids open the doors for creativity!.These classes put the power and magic of technology into their hands.
Grade 1

Syllabus - Introduction to Computers || Demos to interesting usage of computers || Introducing simple games || Introducing Basic Parts of computers || Do’s & Don’ts with computers || Operating a mouse and keyboard || Activity : Typing their names and entering the numbers || Playing with small games.||Introduction to paint ||drawing 2d pictures using paint||Introduction to MS office

Grade 2

Syllabus - Introduction to computer parts || Introduction to WWW- importance of digital ethics and password || Usage of password || Introduction to power point presentation || Introduction to coding || Whta is coding || Role play to program a robot.

Grade 3 - Grade 4 of Computers and coding

USPs of Unplug coding
  • • Students are given challenges based on a few simple rules, and in the process of solving those challenges they uncover powerful ideas on their own.
  • • Not only is this a more memorable way to learn, but it empowers them to realise that these are ideas within their grasp. The activities are also very kinaesthetic - the bigger the materials, the better.
  • • The added value and benefits that unplugged coding activities bring to students are plentiful.
Grade 3

Syllabus - Importance of Unplug coding || Parts of Computers || Binary Concept &Algorithm || Build a Robot || Missing Instruction & Bug Hunting || Story, Spot Pattern || Pattern Recognition || Concept of Operators, looping & Variables || Basic Structure of HTML.

Grade 4

Syllabus - Conversion : Binary to Decimal and vice versa || Algorithm & Instruction || Programming Puzzles || Concept of statements || Programming Puzzles || Steps of Instructions || Logic Of finite set & infinite set || Programming puzzles using sequence || Concept of Variables || Introduction to Python || Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets.

Grade : Grade 5 to Grade 10

Grade 5

Syllabus - Fundamentals of Python || Data types, variables || Lists || Looping || Python Classes || Concept of HTML 5 || Designing a HTML Structure of Page New Form Tags || Media Tags.

Grade 6

Syllabus - Java Basics || Concept of OOPs || Data type & Variables || Class, Object & Method || Gaming HTML || Google Maps || Concept of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) || Concept of Canvas || Canva clock || JavaScript Fundamentals.

Grade 7

Syllabus - HTML 5 CSS || Introduction To Mobile Apps || Introduction Android || Introduction to OS layers || Deep Overview in Android Stack || Installing Android Machine || Android Components || Building UI with Activities || Multithreading || Intent, Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers || Multimedia in Android || Web Services and WebView || Android Application Deployment.

Grade 8

Syllabus - Java Gaming || Testing, Review || Concept of Inheritance, Polymorphism & Recursion || Java Script || Browser Compatibility and Transpilation.

Grade 9

Syllabus - || Concept of AI || Foundations of Machine Learning || Programming for Machine Learning || Data Analysis & Visualisation || Cyber Security || Gaming with Java.

Grade 10

Syllabus - AI-Machine Learning Models || What is Machine Learning? || Classification & Regression Models: K-Nearest Neighbours || Logistic & Linear Regression || Decision Trees || Machine Learning Projects || Advanced Regression || Support Vector Machine || Clustering || Cyber security.