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Answer: An abacus is a manual aid that consists of beads on a series of sticks or strings within a frame. These beads can be moved up and down and used for calculating.
Answer: Abacus education has now become a wonderful technique which indulges in the development of the right and the left lobe of the brain. With the help of Abacus Education technique, not only the arithmetic / brain of the child will get developed but also regular academic studies will become much faster & accurate. It can also help them to bring up their confidence and concentration level in their daily activities. Not only that, learning abacus can also help a child to improve their memory.
Answer: Abacus & Vedic Maths are entirely different programmes which are useful in skill development activities and are brain development programmes that are essential for kids. Apart from mental maths, abacus improves all the subjects, Vedic Mathematics is a compilation of tricks that help in solving mathematical calculations quite easily.
Answer: Abacus can be learnt at a very young age of 4 years, basically when the child starts understanding numbers.
Answer: The Benefits of learning Abacus are: 1. Development of numbers aptitude 2. Fast and Accurate mental maths techniques 3. Ability to concentrate 4. Improve memory power 5. Enhances creative Intelligences.
Answer: No, it definitely does not interfere in any way of school’s methods of teaching maths. In fact, it creates awareness of topics involved parallelly and helps child to understand concepts well.