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Answer: No, once they learn Vedic Mathematics, students feel more confident in solving Mathematical problems which they learn in school because they are equipped with many alternative solutions.
Answer: Vedic Mathematics has it’s origin in India which is derived from the “Vedas” where calculation is based on mental thinking and Abacus is a Chinese method of doing calculations using abacus kit (calculating aid). In Abacus we have methods to solve basic Arithmetic operations whereas In Vedic Mathematics we have methods to solve the advanced mathematical concepts like Algebra, Geometry, etc…
Answer: There is nothing like an ‘ideal age' to learn Vedic Mathematics, we usually start for children from 10 years and above.
Answer: This question is asked by many people. Vedic Mathematics is originated in India but it is not taught in any schools, colleges and universities. We are still following the Western educational pattern or learning through logical reasoning instead of developing creativity and intuition in children.
Answer: No. Learning Vedic Mathematics enhances the existing skill sets of a child and will not burden to a child.
Answer: Mathematics has more than arithmetic calculations. Calculators helps in basic arithmetic calculations but what about advanced concepts like Ratio, Proportion, Algebra, Geometry, etc…. we unknowingly become dependent on calculators & computers to such an extent that we end up using them for even adding small numbers. Mathematics is a good exercise for the brain development.